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In this Application

This application is built using NetAdvantage for Web Client 2010 Vol. 2 and ASP.NET MVC 1 The controls in this application are un-modified versions of the existing NetAdvantage ASP.NET product. This sample application demonstrates how to take advantage of many of the features of the existing toolset in an MVC application.

Note: The key is to only use the features of the controls that do not cause a postback and turn off ViewState ;)

The Issue Tracker models a typical line-of-business web application where rich server controls help boost the user’s experience of an application. A number of the Infragistics NetAdvantage Web Client controls are used in this sample. The following is a list of the controls and associated behaviors implemented in this demo:
  • WebDataGrid
    • Column Resizing
    • Activation
    • Row Selectors
    • Selection
    • Paging (custom template)
  • WebDropDown
    • Custom Template
  • WebHTMLEditor
    • Custom editor options
  • WebSlider
    • Custom value constraints
  • WebChart
    • Chart Presets

Infragistics MVC ScriptManager

To support the controls outside the context of WebForms, the view pages use a new control called the Infragistics MVC ScriptManager. This control decouples the traditional server controls from requiring a server-form and the ASP.NET AJAX ScriptManager.

The control interrogates each Infragistics UI control for the required JavaScript files and commands rendering the appropriate markup to the page.

You may download the assembly for the this control by itself here

What About Your Other Controls?

This site is built as a demonstration of how the Infragistics NetAdvantage ASP.NET controls may be used in the context of an ASP.NET MVC web project. While only a few of the controls from the library are used in this sample, many of the web client controls may be used in a MVC project using the approach demonstrated in this application.

What if I have Questions?

Please note that this application represents guidance for use of NetAdvantage Web Client in a ASP.NET MVC application. There is no official support through the Infragistics Developer Support for the toolset in MVC.

We do, however, have a new support forum available for your questions surrounding NetAdvantage for ASP.NET in ASP.NET MVC

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